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An Earthshaker cannon with crew
An Earthshaker cannon with crew

The Earthshaker Cannon is a massive war machine of the Chaos Dwarfs and arguably the most destructive in their arsenal. The Earthshaker is dragged into battle, usually by ogre slaves, and is loaded with a heavy shell filled with a powerful explosive substance (possibly blackpowder, but also possibly magical or chemical in nature). Before firing, each shell is blessed by a Priest. Like the Death Rocket, the Earthshaker still uses physical ammunition. The terrible weapon is designed to launch it's warhead and bury it in the ground causing minor tremors and earth quakes. Earth and metal shrapnel is blown outward with deadly force, ripping though armor and flesh alike. In Grudgebearer, the Earthshakers where used against the armies of Karak Kadrin and Zhufbar to great effect, knocking the foe to the ground many times over. At one point during the battle, one of the larger Hellcannon's bites an Earthshaker and causes it to whimper like a dog.

The Earthshaker Cannon

The Earthshaker's destructive potential was discovered by accident. Originally it had been created to relieve pressure from volcanoes located near Chaos Dwarf cities. They were used in desperation against a slave uprising and proved to be extremely deadly. Following the battle, the Chaos Dwarfs began making the machine suitable for warfare.

With the newly-discovered technology of daemon binding, it is becoming increasingly common to see Earthshakers being imbued with a daemon's rage. Although there is currently no daemon-bound model available, converted daemon-bound Earthshakers are commonly depicted as having mawed barrels in imitation of the Hellcannon.

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