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This article is fan-based and not based on official fluff, thus it is not necessary to cite sources.

Contained within is the entirety of the fluff written by Grimstonefire. The vast majority has been done by me, off my own ideas, but a few bits have been inspired by the work of others.

  • GSF Opening Notes: Designed to explain all the various links within the rest of the fluff, and where the main focus lies.


I have had to remove all the stories below due a sneaky git attempting to copyright my work as their own. If you want to read them go here:

  • GSF Dark Beginnings: My version of the origins of the Chaos Dwarfs.
  • GSF Timeline: My version of an alternate timeline for them.
  • GSF The Dark Empire: The expanded versions of the descriptions and geographical studies.
  • GSF Chaos Dwarf Society: The part detailing the social hierarchy and other information about various parts of the CD society.
  • GSF The Blood Grudge: A short essay examining the relationship between the Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs.
  • GSF Unit Background Material. So you get the full picture
  • GSF Chaos Dwarf Armylist

[edit] Stories

  • Epic of Gilgamaz: A powerful story on the rise and fall of a nation in the Dark Lands before the Chaos Dwarfs, with far reaching implications...
  • Zhatan the Black: My background story for this formidable Chaos Dwarf.
  • Sleeping Giant: A story on a Kollossus
  • Lost to the Darkness: Part 1 of my story based on the guy that was lost in the Ogre Kingdoms (from White Dwarf).
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