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The Hellcannon in action
The Hellcannon in action
The Hellcannon was introduced in Warhammer's 6th Edition during the Storm of Chaos campaign. It was used in the Hordes of Chaos army. Perhaps more importantly, the Hellcannon model provided a new and fresh take on the appearance of the Chaos Dwarfs. The Hellcannon is not a current choice available to the Chaos Dwarfs. However, many encourage Chaos Dwarf player's opponents to allow its use, as it is both made and manned by Chaos Dwarfs.


[edit] Background

The Chaos Hellcannon
Part Daemon, part war machine, the Hellcannon of Chaos is a massive construct of iron and brass that growls and shakes with diabolic sentience. In battle, these arcane engines heave great blasts of daemonic energy arcing through the air toward their targets, incandescent explosions liquefying anything they touch and sending the survivors screaming in all directions.

A Hellcannon, towering above the mortal followers of Chaos that it accompanies into battle, is virtually indestructible. Such is the strength and bloodlust of the Daemonic machine that it must be chained to the ground to prevent it from rampaging toward the enemy lines, intent on gorging itself on raw flesh. Even these precautions prove inadequate should the enemy draw too close; it is whispered that there is nothing that can truly stay a Hellcannon's insatiable lust for destruction. A single Hellcannon is quite capable of blasting apart the walls of even the most stalwart fortress.

During the Storm of Chaos, a number of these machines were made for Archaon by the Chaos Dwarfs in exchange for vast numbers of slaves.

The Hellcannon lore was updated somewhat with the release of the Warriors of Chaos army book.

[edit] Rules

A Hellcannon was two Rare unit choices in a Mortal Chaos or Archaon's Horde army in 6th edition. In 7th edition, a hellcannon is a single rare choice.

The Hellcannon ruleset was updated in the new Warriors of Chaos army book. The model now follows rules for a monster with handlers, but fires as if it were a war machine.

A Chaos Dwarf general can ask for permission from their opponent to include it in his Chaos Dwarf army.

[edit] Impact

The creation of the Hellcannon for the Storm of Chaos helped spur a whole new look and feel for Chaos Dwarfs. It was the first mention of using bound daemons in their war machines and the look of the new models generated new interest in the army. The look dropped the hats in favour of masks. It is notable that the old Death Rocket models also had masks and that possibly only Chaos Dwarf crew wear masks. This theory is given further credence with the artwork included the 7th edition rules. Baring that, the new mask-look has given rise to a new image of Chaos Dwarfs and several gamers have converted armies that more closely mirror the Hellcannon crewman style. The daemon binding background would begin to appear in subsequent works and more on this can be found in the Chaos Dwarf History and Fluff section. At the end of the Storm of Chaos campaign Gav Thorpe wrote a novel called Grudge Bearer which further gave evidence to the new direction of the Chaos Dwarf army.

[edit] References

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